Our Objectives

The club aims to introduce members to topics of politics around the globe. The club will allow students to understand political conventions around the world from an objective standpoint. It will also aid in helping the younger students decide whether they would like to pursue something in social sciences in the future. Students will hone better debate and evaluation skills.

Who can join?

Students above Grade 6 are welcome to learn. Purely because India is a developing country there is a stigma surrounding politics or perhaps social sciences in India that it is for the corrupt. And the most common method to achieve prominence is nepotism and/or corruption. We intend to de-stigmatize this notion by offering students a platform to learn and discover this subject.

Our strategy

Before every class, we will collate our information and prepare the basic outline of what we will cover. We will decide who gives the introduction and what it is. We will provide our knowledge of the current situation. Then decide what historical literature we will provide, and if there is a debate to be held; the topic and how to maintain civility..

The Society series is a collection of Journals our Club is publishing which explore the intersection between topics such as politics or technology with Society. Our latest edition 'State and Society' explores the intersection of the state and government with our communities, and how it has manifested in multiple forms throughout the last century. To read our latest edition click here.

Magazine cover
Volume 1

Concerning the cooperation and resistance between the state and society. Discussed comprehensively and succinctly.